We are rapidly evolving into a digital and decentralized society, and private keys on mobile devices will play a central role in securing our digital identities and daily interactions.

We see a huge gap between the requirements for the mass adoption of this transformation, and the security levels offered by solutions available today.

Users must be confident, comfortable and feel safe to use personal mobile devices for transferring while still retaining full control over their assets, data and other important aspects of their lives.

FIX Network will utilize and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure by defining and implementing a new blockchain-based security protocol. This architecture will enable mobile operators to provide a safe environment for protecting our identities and digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

We believe that private keys should be stored on users' standard SIM cards. Our technology will enable safe transaction signing by the SIM card itself, never exposing users' private keys.

All of our components will be released as open-source and can be rapidly deployed by mobile operators worldwide. We believe that the operators are the perfect partners to adopt and promote this technological initiative, as they are highly regulated and compliant with strict procedures required to secure more than 8 000 000 000 SIM cards in use today.


We see a future where identity theft and personal data abuse are technically impossible, our digital lives are safe, our digital transactions are secure, and we can always regain access to our digital assets.

We believe that we have designed the right architecture to enable these ideas, and we invite you to join us and support our vision.

FIX Network is an innovative joint venture consisting of five international companies that are innovation leaders within their respective industries of cybersecurity, telecommunications, mobile app development and business management. This team is uniquely positioned to create and deliver solutions that enable the mass adoption of the crypto-economy market and the Internet of Value.

We are registered in Lithuania under registration number 304951051, and our registered office is at Lvovo str. 13C – 5, LT-09313, Vilnius, Lithuania