NOV 2018
    NOV 2018

    Funding and pre-order

    • Early presale of Fix Network IoT SIM cards to early adopters,
      technology enthusiasts, consumers and developers
    • 49€ for a single IoT SIM card or 129€ for five SIM cards
    • No monthly fees, unlimited signature transactions
    • Lifetime connectivity in 170 countries*
    • Compatible with all future roadmap features

MAR 2019
MAR 2019

IoT SIM, Development Kit and App

  • REST API and SDK for iOS, Android & JS
  • Open-source STK (SIM Toolkit)
  • Open-source the "over the air gateway" mobile core component
  • Mobile app to locate, monitor and control the IoT SIM card

JUN 2019
JUN 2019

Key Storage and Management

  • Storage of private keys on FIX Network SIM cards
  • Seed-based key backup and recovery (BIP 32,39,44)
  • Off-line operation supported using a USB SIM card reader

SEPT 2019
SEPT 2019

FIX Network 1.0 - Security Policy

  • Private DLT hosted by multiple licensed operators
  • Policies configured and managed by end-user apps
  • Sign transactions over existing cellular infrastructure

DEC 2019
DEC 2019

Private Key Sharding

  • Divide keys into multiple parts and store on multiple FIX Network SIM cards
  • Recover keys even if 2 out of 5 SIMs are lost or damaged
  • User-defined policies for multi-factor/multi-device transaction authorizations
    using a pool of FIX Network SIM cards

MAR 2020
MAR 2020

MNO and MVNO Full Service

  • FIX-enabled cellular infrastructure as a service for global operators
  • Identity management as a value added service for operators